Meet Ryan, the primary school kid who, according to Forbes, made $29.8 million reviewing children's toys on YouTube this year.


His channel, Ryan ToysReview, has just 17.3 million subscribers — a drop in the ocean compared to some of the other top earners — but since launching in March 2015, it's racked up more than 25 billion views.


What's the secret to his success?

When you watch Ryan's videos, they're relatively simple. They show him playing with and reacting to all sorts of toys, from Play-Doh to jumping castles, often accompanied by his parents.


But many also show him "unboxing" new toys, a fad that has proven especially lucrative for other YouTubers as well.


"I wonder what's inside," he exclaims, as he runs around playing with Disney Cars toys in his latest review.


But Ryan doesn't just review toys, his YouTube career has also led to his own line of merchandise being sold in Walmart, including tubs of slime, figurines and stuffed animals.


The deal was negotiated by the children's media company, pocket watch, which has secured licensing deals for a number of young YouTube stars.

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