63 thousand and 767 iPhone users in South Korea have filed a suit against iPhone manufacturer ‘Apple’. This is the biggest class-action case in the country against Apple, as the authority informed on March 30. From iPhone users, a law firm named Hannuri is to fight the case. Apple Korea, the local manufacturer of Apple and iPhone has been made the plaintiff of the case in the Central District Court of Seoul, as it was mentioned in a report of Xinhua News Agency.

iPhone users asked for $188 from Apple for each iPhone handset. Despite stating about 4 lakh iPhone users’ involvement in the case initially, it was declined to 63 thousand and 767 during the verification of identity and relevant information.

A complaint against Apple has been raised that users were induced to purchase new iPhone handset reducing handset-speed intentionally. Speed was actually reduced to prevent the shutdown problem iPhone handsets, as Apple claimed. But, the legal institution Hannuri said- Apple is trying to cover the defective battery issue showing an excuse of software updates.   

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