Ride sharing service OBHAI Solutions Limited, popularly known as OBHAI, has recruited a pool of women bikers who will be sharing ride with the company. The women bikers will be a part of OBHAI’s fleet from today, April 28. 

Apart from the existing female bikers, OBHAI is in process to onboard over 50 female bikers who will start sharing rides within a few weeks. The female bikers will share rides with only women using OBON, an exclusive feature under OBHAI app which ensures motorbike ride sharing for women passengers only.

The company has provided basic training to women bikers to ensure safety on the go. In-app features like emergency SOS will help women passengers and drivers contact OBHAI support.

OBHAI is a concern of the country’s leading conglomerate MGH Group. A relatively new player in the market, OBHAI has been pushing boundaries with features like emergency SOS, mandatory helmet for the passengers, safe speed limit of 50 kilometres, cleanliness and a variety of convenient payment options. For more details, please visit www.obhai.com

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