After quitting her political career, Former Foreign Minister of United States of America (USA) Hillary Clinton expressed her desire to be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the popular social media Facebook. Recently, she desired to take the responsibility of this giant social media.

Maura Healey, a member of the Democratic Party and the Attorney General of Massachusetts, USA, asked the former US Foreign Minister which company she desires to be CEO of. Hillary didn’t take even a single moment to respond the question. She instantly replied, ‘Facebook’.

Hillary said- This is world’s biggest news platform. Most of the people in our country get the news updates from Facebook, whatever it is true or fake.

The former First Lady added-After several unexpected incidents take place, Facebook is trying to bring some changes in their business model. I hope they will be able to gain success in this regard. This is because it is really vital for our democracy that mass people are taking decisions as per getting authentic information. Image collected.

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