Hitachi projector comes with distinctive imaging and optical technologies of Maxell which have been trusted and valued by the customers all over the world.  The rebranding from Hitachi to Maxell will see no change in products beyond the logo. , by putting Maxell Brand on the projectors will further strengthen and expand business in future Moreover – said  Tarun Jain , General Manager , Head (West Region & India) of Business Development, Hitachi Singapore in a program that held yesterday at Hotel Westin , Dhaka.  During the program Hitachi Bangladesh announced that the current Hitachi branded projectors will be rebranded as Maxell. The transition will see no change in products beyond the logo. To announce this Hitachi Bangladesh arranged a program today at Hotel Westin in Dhaka.  Primary and Mass Education State Minister Zakir Hossain was chief guest of the program while Japan Ambassador Hiroyasu Izumi was special guest at the program along with Tarun Jain , General Manager , Head (West Region & India) of Business Development, Hitachi Singapore, Abdul Hakim , Managing Director, Unique Business Limited.

 The Maxell Group originally acquired the projector business of Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. in July 2013. Since then, the Maxell Group has continued development and production of projectors under the Hitachi brand name and sold them worldwide. It has become popular among the consumer worldwide specially for its  quality, reliability and technology. By building upon the established strengths of its proprietary projection and display technologies, Maxell, Ltd. expects its use of consistent design, production, and distribution network will ensure that Maxell brand projectors will be received enthusiastically by customers in each of the global regions it serves.

 Tarun Jain further added that – Maxell & Hitachi Japan have announced that current Hitachi Brand projector will be rebranded as Maxell. Hitachi will be focusing the social innovation where Maxell will be focus business innovation. For many years Hitachi projector come with distinctive imaging and optical technologies of Maxell which have been trusted and valued by the customers all over the world. So, by strengthening the value chain form design to products and distribution, we can continue to meet the evolving needs of the market. 

 Addressing the Audience Mr. Abdul Hakim said-we always want to offer the best for our customer. Once we were Introducing 3M projector in the local market considering the market demand, then Hitachi and now Maxell. Bangladesh is transforming into digital where such Branded product is required and keeping this in mind and to be with digital movement of the country we have rebranded our product.  Maxell is world-renowned brand since a long and  its products is  most sought-after, trusted and respected digital projection solutions worldwide. we are happy with this rebranding. And ensuring our exiting consumer that this transformation of Hitachi to Maxell will not make any change in any product beyond the logo only. There is no change in representation, distributions, warranty conditions, or sales channels & customer service. Hitachi / Maxell has been doing business in Bangladesh since 1997.

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