Shenzhen-based telecom equipment manufacturer Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) Corporation has developed artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution with a vow to help mobile phone operators to build ‘next-generation’ networks.

The Chinese telecom giant has brought the AI-based solution to help the operators to build highly-intelligent next-generation and cost-effective automated AI networks, according to a handout of ZTE Bangladesh.

Officials claimed the solution fully elaborates on future-oriented AI end-to-end architecture applications to maintain high-end configuration in the platform, services, and network and chip areas.

ZTE is a major international provider of telecommunication, enterprise, and consumer technology solution for mobile Internet. With a unified AI platform, ZTE's AI Solution can provide diversified applications for cloud service and intelligent network, as well as chip and terminal.

AI-based cloud service application can provide voice and video services which are based on face recognition, human and vehicle identification, speech recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies.

AI-based intelligent network application, which is based on precision algorithms, can provide intelligent network operation & maintenance (O&M) solution, intelligent network optimization solution, as well as intelligent network operation solution and more.

In the chip and intelligent terminal perspective, the solution can provide self-research AI chip, self-research robot module, and self-research intelligent terminals such as smartphone and smart home terminals.

Complemented with high computing power, precision algorithm and data analytics capability, AI technology will lead to the evolution of highly intelligent autonomous, automatic, self-optimizing and self-healing networks.

At this stage, operators and vendors are still proactively exploring and seeking more efficient, stable and accurate AI algorithms and solutions to reduce the operating labor cost and effectively improve operating income.

Presently, ZTE has taken the lead in collaboration with a number of leading global and domestic operators in research and development (R&D) segment.

Through the joint R&D design, joint field tests, actual network data acquisition, training and optimization, algorithm and solution iteration as well as commercialization processes have been expedited.

In addition, this helps operators introduce new technologies and build next-generation intelligent network more conveniently amidst the ongoing advancement of AI technologies.

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