The government plans to provide 90 per cent of important services digitally by 2021.

As per the plan, 90 per cent citizens will be brought under internet facilities within next year.

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Zunaid Ahmed Palak gave the information while addressing a virtual talk show on the creation of a digital marketplace under Food for Nation, an initiative of the Asian Productivity Organisation, Japan, reports BSS.

The plan, if implemented, will generate Taka 5.00 billion by creating 2.0 million jobs in the IT and IT Enable Services (IT-ITES) sector, he said.

In the meeting, the initiatives of Bangladesh against COVID-19 were also discussed.

He said an ICT roadmap has already been created for the post COVID-19 period as the roadmap includes new innovations in the civic services, building startups in the ICT sector, digital transformation of health, agriculture and education sectors and supply chains.

In the roadmap, he said, specific targets have been set for social, economic and food security and the export of skilled manpower.

Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) Secretary-General Dr AKP Mochtan also joined the talk show.

Source:The Financial Express

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