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Beetle-Mounted Camera Streams Insect Adventures

July 20 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Researchers have developed a tiny wireless camera that is light enough to be carried by live beetles.

The team at the University of Washington in the US drew inspiration from the insects to create its low-powered camera system.

Its beetle-cam can stream up to five frames per second of low-resolution, blac...

Google Bans Ads On Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Content

July 19 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Friday it would prohibit websites and apps that use its advertising technology from running ads on “dangerous content” that goes against scientific consensus during the coronavirus pandemic.

The wor...

Twitter Says Hackers Downloaded Private Account Data

July 19 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Twitter has confirmed hackers made use of tools that were supposed to have only been available to its own staff to carry off Wednesday's hack attack.

The breach saw the accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West and Bill Gates among other celebrities used to tweet a Bitcoin scam.

Twitter also revealed the perpetrators had downloaded data from up to eight of the accounts involved.


Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked In Bitcoin Scam

July 16 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are among many prominent US figures targeted by hackers on Twitter in an apparent Bitcoin scam.

The official accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kanye West also requested donation...

Google Launches Hieroglyphics Translator Powered By AI

July 16 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Google has launched a hieroglyphics translator that uses machine learning to decode ancient Egyptian language.

The feature has been added to its Arts & Culture app. It also allows users to translate their own...

Huawei 5G Kit Must Be Removed From UK By 2027

July 15 2020 | TW News Correspondent

The UK's mobile providers are being banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31 December, and they must also remove all the Chinese firm's 5G kit from their networks by 2027.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden told the House of Commons o...

Huawei: UK Prepares To Change Course On 5G Kit Supplier

July 14 2020 | TW News Correspondent

The UK government is preparing to change course over the role of Huawei in its 5G telecoms network.

Six months after agreeing it could have a limited role, ministers look set to exclude the Chinese company, with no new equipment...

Coronavirus: How Can We Make Post-Pandemic Cities Smarter?

July 13 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Streets have been eerily quiet in recent months as coronavirus lockdowns imposed by governments around the world hit the pause button on normal life.

And while many people have missed the shops and cafes, many have also appreciated the temporary respite from noise, pollution and congestion.

As cities sta...

Dell XPS 13 2020 Review: A Fantastic But Flawed Laptop

July 12 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Dell’s XPS 13 squeezes more screen, more power and even Windows Hello face recognition into a tiny frame, but trips up over software issues.

The XPS 13 is Dell’s top-of-the-line compact laptop and starts at £1,349. Various models with different processors, storage and scree...