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50 Million Facebook Accounts Got Hacked Worldwide

September 29 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Generally a question arises regarding Facebook's security, as 50 million accounts got hacked worldwide. Facebook Authority came to know about this while going for an experiment recently. According to them, the issue got emerged on last September 25. Realizi...

Doodle on Google’s 20th Anniversary!

September 27 2018 | TW News Correspondent

In the age of technology, Google has become a much dependable platform for every tech lover. The search giant has passed consecutive 19 years. Today, September 27 is Google’s 20th anniversary and on thi...

Co-Founders Announce to Quit Instagram

September 26 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Photo-sharing giant Instagram founders Kevin Sistrom and Mike Krieger announced to resign their jobs. Kevin Sistrom has been serving as Chief Executive in Instagram. Regarding their resignation, he said- Due to our curiosity and in search of creativity, we have taken the decision to depart.

In the year 2012, social media giant...

Google Pay to be Launched in Countries Apart from India

September 25 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Google introduced QR code based online payment service ‘Tez’ in India. Later, the name got changed to ‘Google Pay’. Google is now planning to introduce this online payment service in other countries besides India. But, which countries the service is going to be launched in is still unknown, as per a report of Gadgets Now in India.

In regard of Peer-to-Peer payments,...

Google to Introduce ‘Fingerprint Log-in System’ in Chrome

September 17 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Google is going to introduce Fingerprint Log-in System in Chrome. Users through this new log-in system can access websites and web applications in their MacBooks...

Logitech-Excel Partnership Launches Cutting-edge Products in Bangladesh

September 17 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Logitech, the world-renowned manufacturer of computer accessories, peripherals, gaming and video conferencing equipment, has recently appointed Excel Technologies Limited as their distributor in Banglad...

Samsung-Google Up To Developing Standard Messaging App

September 16 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Samsung in association with Google is working on developing standard messaging mobile app. As per source, apart from Group Chat and Video Call features,...

‘Dark Mode’ for Eye Safety in YouTube

September 12 2018 | TW News Correspondent

YouTube has introduced new ‘Dark Mode’ feature for all the Android Operating System supporting devices. But, the feature was introduced earlier in IOS Operating System too. Utilizing the Dark Mode feature, during working at night YouTube screen will be displayed in the screen lenient for eyes....

Robot Dog Costs Tk. 2.5 Lakh!

August 28 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Sony has developed new robot dog. Some new models are going to get included in their popular dog-like robot ‘Aibo’ series. Finally their cost has been disclosed. The robot will work as users’ pet. The new models of Aibo will cost $2,899 or Ta...